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Is free dating site safe and trusted in 2017?

I always wanted to try the online dating because I’m a big fan of beautiful Russian girls and would like to marry one of them someday. But I was constantly stopped by the thoughts about ability trusting to the person I’m going to date with. The Internet nowadays is filled with different stories and rumors about women scammers playing games and cheating the men for money on different online dating sites. My main problem was ignorance how to find and pick out that free russian dating sites which is free of scammers, safe for use and trusted. Truly speaking, I didn’t clearly remember the way I found website top10freedating.com. Probably I simply surfed on the net and accidently clicked on the banner or link I found interesting. Whatever it was, after exploring the content of that site I understood that it could be a solution of all my hesitations and doubts. This extremely useful website was specially created for providing different helpful information, i.e. advice, tips, guidance, feedbacks, reviews, regarding online dating industry and related web services. Also, it contained numerous reviews of different free dating sites describing how they work, their strong and weak sides, benefits for members and many other things. Such way after reading and analyzing all the material I came to the conclusion about services and features the trusted and safe dating site should definitely provide to its users.

Here they follow:

• Dating service must ensure that all single foreign women listed in the catalog are absolutely real people and all the information they provided on their profiles, as well as photo, video and other media files, is truthful and authentic. As a rule, a special kind of verification is using for checking the ladies’ reality – they must provide their ID as a proof. Also, information from their profiles should be checked for accuracy with demanding additional proving if necessary.

• Creating safe and secure dating environment by permanent observing and prevention any kind of scam activity. Partners’ trust to each other is the main aspect of the successful dating process. That’s why due to the efforts of dating service to provide safe dating to its users the chances for success will be increased a lot.

• Presence of qualified support team being online 24/7. Support should be fast, effective, polite and able to find a solution to any situation or issue occurred. Many people unfamiliar with the way the dating service is working can appear in a situation when they have to ask support for help. Also, different situations can happen while the process of dating a girl from abroad and this is also a reason to contact support asking for help or advice.

• Translation service available for all ways of communication (instant messages, e-letters, live chat, online video chat, phone call). This is one of the key points of successful building the relationship with the girl from other countries. The fact is that many single women foreigners do not possess enough English skills for having a normal conversation without anybody’s help. This means that qualified translator’s assistance while dating such women is very important allowing not only understanding each other but also avoiding any mistakes and confuses because of language and cultural difference.

Later I had chances to test many free dating apps and can say that trusted ones definitely provided all that services and advantages mentioned above. So, with the assistance of top10freedating.com, I could not only find reliable and solid dating service for myself but also help some of my friends with negative experience of using the wrong dating sites in past to become members of the trusted ones.


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