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UK Online Dating Rise and Growth

In the world of today more and more people start using Internet services in their search of a life-time partner. Many people in the UK also believe a true love can be found on-line with the numerous choice of dating agencies offering their services on the web. The number of dating services providing their services to the UK residents is growing rapidly and the growth is colossal during the last decade.

Hundreds of on-line dating websites providing matchmaking services on the territory of the UK appeared over the last ten years. New dating sites move into the UK dating scene with massive advertising and new brands. Even the great crisis of 2009 didn’t affect the amount of UK visitors of the UK dating sites; quite on the contrary the amount of the dating sites users has increased up 16% in comparison to the previous year.

The big dating companies alongside with the small UK dating sites designed for specific age groups, races, religions, interests, etc. are flourishing in the UK market. The appearance of free dating sites has attracted more visitors to the internet dating scene. It didn’t lessen the amount of subscribers to the paid sites, but quite on the contrary, contributed in their promotion as became a sort of entry to the paid dating environment by those, who would never have paid for a dating membership.

The online dating industry in the UK has passed the initial growth stage, the development of big dating brands and the appearance of small niche of dating sites that appeared with the development of social network.

It is difficult to predict how the UK online dating will develop in the nearest future; this will depend on dating habits of the British population, appearance of new technologies and advances and many other things. However, now the more people turn to online UK dating the better choice of potential partners continues to grow, drawing more and more prospective subscribers in its turn.

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